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NBC's 2013 fall schedule was presented shortly after 5 o'clock.  To take a look, click on the image .

It's finally here, the scheduling portion of upfronts.  This is my favorite part of upfronts because you can see (or at least try to see) what the network believes are its strengths and weaknesses on the schedule.  I've listed NBC's schedule day-by-day (starting with Monday) and then gave my analysis for each night.  Without further adieu the NBC fall 2013 schedule...

8 - The Voice
10 - Blacklist (new)
Analysis: NBC, thank you for not wasting The Voice on Revolution for another season.  Blacklist is an excellent choice for the timeslot and should be a hit, based off thoughts on the pilot.  Good moves!

8 - The Biggest Loser (new day and time)
9 - The Voice (new time)
10 - Chicago Fire (new day and time)
Analysis: Probably my favorite night on the entire schedule.  The Biggest Loser is a solid utility-player and finally shrinking it down to an hour is the perfect move.  The Voice in the middle is also smart, as 9 o'clock is typically higher-rated as well.  And the best move of all: giving Chicago Fire the lead in of The Voice.  Tuesdays at 10 are weak for every network and NBC can really take advantage of that with a reliable Chicago Fire and a much-bigger lead in.

8 - Revolution (new day and time)
9 - Law and Order: SVU
10 - Ironside (new)
Analysis: Wow, hmm.  Revolution leading off the night is a bit of a surprise.  We will see how it does without The Voice and my guess is not great, but who knows.  SVU will do its usual 1.6-1.7 demo, but is that enough for Ironside?  We doubted the SVU/Chicago Fire lineup this season, so can NBC get lucky on the night two years in a row?

8 - Parks and Recreation (new time)
830 - Welcome to the Family (new)
9 - Sean Saves the World (new)
930 - The Michael J. Fox Show (new)
10 - Parenthood (new night)
Analysis: I'm glad NBC used Parks and Recreation to lead off the night.  The show has faced the Thursday competition before and has done okay (1.4-1.6).  It's better to throw Parks and Rec to the wolves than a new series.  Three new comedies debuting on the same night is a risky move, but I applaud NBC for giving it a shot this season and not simply sitting back.  My only gripe is the single, single, multi, single lineup they have going - that does not typically work, but maybe it will now?  I like that old-reliable is heading to NBC's troublesome spot as there is no point in wasting a new show in the timeslot again.  It is a bit female-skewing though and going against Scandal may be an issue, but still, a good move.

8 - Dateline
9 - Grimm
10 - Dracula (new)
Analysis: About time NBC paired Grimm with something.  The genre-skewing Grimm and Dracula should go very well together, and Dateline is a strong start for the night.  Overall, this should be an improvement over this seasons schedule.

7 - Football Night in America
8 - NBC Sunday Night Football

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