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Earlier today FOX announced their new schedule, so lets take a look .

My overall impression is FOX took the easy road out yet again and because of that, they will likely have another rough season.  They released three schedules today as well: fall, late fall, and midseason.   My guess is 'late fall' is after the MLB Post Season games, but I haven't read anything official just yet.  For today, I'm simply focusing on fall because its unlikely a late fall and midseason schedule will stick.

8 - Bones
9 - Sleepy Hollow (new)
Analysis: Bones should be a solid lead-in to Sleepy Hollow, much more so than it was for The Mob Doctor last fall.  If anything, I see this pairing more similar to The Following, which should give Sleepy Hollow a nice push.  FOX did announce Bones will be moving to Fridays in late fall, but I don't know if I buy that story.

8 - Dads (new)
830 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (new)
9 - New Girl
930 - The Mindy Project
Analysis: Again, what is with the multi, single, single, single formats airing together?  Unlike NBC's, at least they placed the multi-camera series first.  I do like that FOX put two of the male-skewing comedies together, but on Tuesdays, I don't quite know.  New Girl was likely to be staying in its timeslot, so no surprise there.  The Mindy Project should have been dumped on Fridays.

8 - The X Factor
Analysis: What a waste of a night.  FOX could have trimmed the series down and launched something at 9, but they took the easy road out.  Probably the biggest disappointment in my eyes.

8 - The X Factor (results)
9 - Glee
Analysis: Sigh.  In this day and age do we really need one hour result shows?  And Glee getting the lead-in of another singing show?  I realize the two gel well together because of the singing aspect, but I was hoping (again) that a new series or at least the comedy block would be moved here.  FOX could have really done well on the night and instead took the easy route.

8 - Junior Masterchef (new)
9 - Sleepy Hollow (repeat)
Analysis: I do like the use of a different Gordon Ramsay series on the night.  Masterchef has done well in the summer and putting a new twist on Masterchef could bring a nice sized audience for FOX.  My biggest gripe is using repeats for the beginning of the season.  FOX said Raising Hope and Enlisted will air 'late fall' in place of the repeats, but I'd like to see them start off with those two during the fall.

7 - NFL Game
730 - The OT
8 - The Simpsons
830 - Bob's Burgers
9 - Family Guy
930 - American Dad
Analysis: I'm surprised to not see any changes to the lineup.  I know FOX didn't have a single new animated series in development for this season, but with declining ratings I thought they'd mix it up a bit.  Either way, the lineup should still be a force in the fall because of the NFL game leading off the night.

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