Posted by : yankeesrj12 Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I know its yesterdays news, but I have something to say about the latest re-brand of HLN (formerly CNN Headline News). 
What a HORRIBLE idea. Who in the world is going to watch television for social media news? It’s almost like a bad TMZ rip-off 24 hour network. 

In case you have not heard heard, HLN is incorporating social media into the news – what you love online is news on television…essentially “you make the news”. 
It’s been a sad fall for what was one of the better 24-hour cable news networks.  What started out as CNN2 and later became Headline News / CNN Headline News (the most famous/common name) is now at its worst point.  Long gone are the days of tidbits of news rolling throughout the day with Chuck Roberts.  Call me crazy, but that’s what I liked in news. I don’t need an entire fifteen minutes dedicated to one story.  All I wanted (and still do want) is a lot of news with little detail: incorporate that into social media. Bring the entire old format back (pre-Nancy Grace).  Young adults like stuff fast, its why we flock to Twitter!  If you want to do that for an entire 24-hour cable news network, its better than taking the TMZ-ish route.
Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Dr. Drew, etc. all have to go.  Bring in some quality reporters (notice report, not give your opinion), and no HLN, Mike Gallanos is not one. Morning Express with Robin Meade type news is the direction to go.  Sure, okay, Evening Express was a dud, but I blame the “talent” on set.  They’re boring and fake.  Plus you have to adapt the morning show.  Doing the same morning fluff news with different talent later on in the day isn’t going to click.  People start the day silly and end wanting something serious (see morning shows vs. evening news).  Go in that direction.  Is it old-school?  Sure, but you can adapt it for the target audience – young people – with Twitter.
Years ago I would leave Headline News (and even HLN) on for hours at a time.  Now I can’t stomach a minute of it.  Just two weeks ago some athlete played beer pong with the anchor / talent!  News?!  How in the world is THAT news?  HLN has pushed away its old viewers and has failed to bring in any new ones (you know, unless Casey Anthony suddenly commits another crime).
This latest "fix" is only going to continue to drive viewers away, just like its parent network, CNN.

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