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It's a new day, which means we have another new fall schedule.  To see ABC's all new lineup for fall 2013, simply click on their logo on the left.

The theme of ABC?  Fill the holes you have, leave everything else where it is right now.  The only show to find a new timeslot is Friday-bound The Neighbors.  My analysis for each night follow the schedule for that night.

8 - Dancing with the Stars
10 - Castle
Analysis: I figured ABC would keep these two intact, although I really wanted them to take advantage of the situation and put something new at 10.  Either way, at least ABC has a chance of winning the 10 o'clock timeslot again.

8 - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (new)
9 - The Goldbergs (new)
930 - Trophy Wife (new)
10 - Lucky 7 (new)
Analysis: At least ABC went with a complete revamp on the night that badly needed it.  S.H.I.E.L.D. should  at least get a huge sampling and that could potentially hurt NCIS over on CBS.  I don't like the attempt at a comedy block attempt part two, but they should at least have a stable lead in this time around.  Lucky 7 has a very limited premise so I don't expect all that much to happen there.

8 - The Middle
830 - Back in the Game (new)
9 - Modern Family
930 - Super Fun Night (new)
10 - Nashville
Analysis: ABC is going to try and take advantage of its nice lead ins of The Middle and Modern Family once again this season.  I don't think Back in the Game or Super Fun Night really fit the theme of family comedies, but I could be wrong here.  With Rebel Wilson's rising star power, you can't blame ABC for wanting to put her new series after its biggest comedy.  No surprise ABC is sticking with Nashville at 10, especially with a new comedy right before it.

8 - Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (new)
9 - Grey's Anatomy
10 - Scandal
Analysis: We should have all guessed that a new series was going to inherit the 8 o'clock timeslot once again.  The thing that is different this time is they went with a built in name (Once Upon a Time) and then went the female-skewing route.  It could work to ABC's advantage this time.  Absolutely no surprise to see Grey's Anatomy and Scandal working together again.

8 - Last Man Standing
830 - The Neighbors (new night)
9 - Shark Tank
10 - 20/20
Analysis: The Neighbors had been rumored to take the 830 timeslot, so there is little surprise there.  I still wish ABC would have paired Last Man Standing with another multi-camera comedy.  Shark Tank should continue to dominate the night and its pairing with 20/20 will help the show continue its long run.

7 - America's Funniest Home Videos
8 - Once Upon a Time
9 - Revenge
10 - Betrayal (new)
Analysis: Many were calling for a complete revamp on the night, but I never saw ABC really wanting to do those big changes.  Once Upon a Time is way down from the beginning of the season (as is Revenge) but both (well at least 'Once') still put up okay numbers.  I don't have much hope for Betrayal in the timeslot.

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