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CBS' fall 2013 schedule is below .

CBS has finally done it, they have expanded their comedy block on Thursday to two hours.  I didn't expect it to happen nearly all season, but after they ordered a slew of new comedies, it really became little surprise.  CBS played to some of its strengths and made a couple of needed moves (like Hawaii Five-0).  Here it is, folks:

8 - How I Met Your Mother
830 - We are Men (new)
9 - 2 Broke Girls
930 - Mom (new)
10 - Hostages (new)
Analysis: I'm quite surprised to see Mom not end up in the 830 timeslot, as the rumor has been for quite some time now.  My biggest pet peeve is mutli-camera comedies scheduled with single-camera comedies, but all four major networks did it this season.  2 Broke Girls will remain in its home, as expected, leading into Mom, which I expect to debut well.  Kudos to CBS for getting Hawaii Five-0 out of the timeslot.

8 - NCIS
9 - NCIS: Los Angeles
10 - Person of Interest (new night and time)
Analysis: Probably my favorite night on the network, even though I don't watch a single series.  10 o'clock has been a lot of trouble for CBS and instead of trying the usual new series, they moved a returning one: Person of Interest.  Give CBS expanded the comedy block on Thursday, and their love for Elementary, this move isn't surprising.  I think it'll also give the night a boost overall.

8 - Survivor
9 - Criminal Minds
10 - CSI
Analysis: With big moves on other nights (Monday and Thursday) it is little surprise they did not touch Wednesdays.  They still get very solid results despite the competition and that success should continue once again this season.

8 - The Big Bang Theory
830 - The Millers (new)
9 - Crazy Ones (new)
930 - Two and a Half Men (new time)
10 - Elementary
Analysis: Some thought The Big Bang Theory was going to move nights, but it wasn't ever going to happen. The show does very (very) well, so why mess with success?  I do like the fact CBS didn't waste the big lead in of The Big Bang Theory on Two and a Half Men once again and is instead giving new series The Millers a chance to shine.  Crazy Ones is the big question on the night, as its a single-camera sandwiched between three other multi-camera comedies.  Elementary will round out the night.

8 - Undercover Boss
9 - Hawaii Five-0 (new night and time)
10 - Blue Bloods
Analysis: I like that Friday night bookends Undercover Boss and Blue Bloods remain where they are.  Hawaii Five-0 should fit like a glove on the night and put up okay numbers.  The show wasn't working on Monday and the only logical new home was Friday night.  Blue Bloods will simply skew ancient.

7 - 60 Minutes
8 - The Amazing Race
9 - The Good Wife
10 - The Mentalist
Analysis: As with Wednesday, with big changes on other nights, Sundays were left alone.  I'm not all to surprised since CBS is in love with The Good Wife.  I'm guessing CBS will ride out the night for another season and then go with some big changes in 2014-2015.

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