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The best and worst of this years broadcast network upfronts.  Which moves do you like the best and which did you find head-scratching   Read my thoughts and then post your own .

I simply chose three 'best' and three 'worst' moves, in order to not get too in-depth and leave some additional moves for you, the reader.  Perhaps the most interesting theme: Tuesdays, which received three spots on the list (one 'best', two 'worst').

NBC Thursday Lineup
I was hoping NBC would move their comedy lineup to a new night, but I like the choices they went with and believe they can make some inroads this upcoming season.  Parks and Recreation will most likely be the weak-link on the night, but I can see it doing its usual 1.4-1.5 demo and against The Big Bang Theory, that is solid.  Welcome to the Family will have to fight to save its own life and based off of the clips, I believe it can do well.  Sean Saves the World is not the anchor I'd go with on the night, but I'm assuming NBC was afraid of a potential The Big Bang Theory move to 9.  At this point, I'd hope they move The Michael J. Fox Show to 9 and in turn put the multi-camera comedy (the only one on the night) at 930.  Placing Parenthood at 10 is also a smart move, especially in a timeslot NBC has had trouble with since ER left the airwaves.

Revolution to Wednesdays at 8
I applaud NBC to moving Revolution away from its The Voice lead-in, but to the lead off spot?  Wednesdays at 8 are not the weakest of timeslots and having NBC dump it on the night, in a lead off spot, does not spell good news for the show.  If I had to guess, NBC will have a Smash 2.0 on its hands.  NBC has to hope the show does die right away or they will have a huge loss on their plates once again.

Comedy Expansion on CBS
I was against the expansion all season - until CBS ordered a slew of new comedies for the 2013-2014 season.  When that occurred, it was all but assured they would create a two hour comedy block on Thursdays.  There has been a lot of hate for their new lineup, but I'm a fan of it.  The Big Bang Theory was not going to move to 9, no matter how much some of you wanted it to.  The show is a terrific performer in the lead off timeslot and will continue to do that in the new season.  The Millers will be a good companion for 'Bang' as the series looks legitimately funny - something that has yet to happen for a post-Bang series.  Crazy Ones should get some initial sampling with the star power, whether it holds will remain to be seen.  CBS ends the comedy night with long-running Two and a Half Men, which should give a solid 2.5-3.0 number at 930.

FOX Tuesdays at 8
FOX was the second network to present their lineup, so the lineup of Dads and Brooklyn Nine Nine isn't entirely FOX's fault.  The competition of total viewer leader NCIS, likely male-skewing and highly anticipated S.H.I.E.L.D., and reality stalwarts The Biggest Loser (fall) and The Voice (midseason) will likely drain any chance FOX has of making in-roads in the hour.  On top of that, the trailers for both shows are terrible - and this is from a fan of Seth MacFarlane (Dads).  My guess is one of the two shows will be the first cancellations of the season and before you know it, a new series will be moving into the timeslot.

Chicago Fire post-Voice
Perhaps one of smartest moves this season was NBC giving post-The Voice timeslot to  Chicago Fire.  The drama has been steady nearly all season and was one of the glimmers of hope for the struggling-NBC.  With numbers in range of Revolution (without the help of The Voice) it's a smart move for NBC to give Chicago Fire the lead in of The Voice.  The show is a procedural and can likely grow with the help of NBC's number one series.  NBC has to be hoping that the show doesn't take the route of Subugatory this season and decline with a bigger lead in.

ABC's 9 to 11 Tuesday Lineup
Tuesdays have always been a struggle for ABC, so you have to give them props for going all out this season with big changes.  S.H.I.E.L.D. is likely to be male-skewing, which is out of ABC's wheelhouse, and that leads into two new comedies (The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife).  The two comedies will have to face the competition of The Voice and the more likely female-skew of the comedies won't be good for them (especially with the male-skewing lead in).  Rounding out the night is Lucky 7, which is unproven and will go against CBS' hit drama Person of Interest, as well as NBC's growing Chicago Fire.  A new series is unlikely to gain traction in the hour, meaning it could also be one of the first cancellations of the season.  There is, however, a chance the lineup becomes a hit, and in that case, good for ABC!

Well, which moves do you think were the best and worst this season?  Sound off below!

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