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We're less than a week away from upfronts and with that, I will presenting what I'd like to see each network do with their fall schedule.  Up first: NBC .

NBC has a lot of problems to address and the only way I see them being able to solve them is with a lot of moves.  They can't continue to play it safe and have to make some bold changes.  NBC has some big promotional platforms (NFL and Winter Olympics) so hopefully they use them wisely.

8 - The Voice
10 - Crisis (new series)
Analysis: The Voice is obviously going to return to Monday nights.  I'd really like to see NBC give Crisis a shot behind the series, given how weak Revolution has performed as of late.  Similar to the Revolution-scheduling this season, I'd wait for The Voice to return to bring Crisis back during midseason.

8 - The Voice
9 - Blacklist (new series)
10 - Parenthood
Analysis: Again, The Voice will be going to the 8pm timeslot (like this season).  As with the case of Crisis, I'd give Blacklist the nice lead in of The Voice as well.  To once again keep some stability, go with the reliable-Parenthood, which was NBC's best Tuesday 10pm option all season.

8 - Michael J. Fox Comedy (new series)
830 - Welcome to the Family (new series)
9 - Sean Hayes Comedy (new series)
930 - Undateable (new series)
10 - Chicago Fire
Analysis: I'd say NBC's best chance at a comedy comeback is on Wednesdays, up against ABC's comedy block, which is weak in both :30 timeslots.  Start the night with single-camera comedies, with the built-in name of Michael J. Fox, the night should at least start strong for NBC.  In the 9pm hour, go with the multi-camera comedies, and once again the built in name in the tentpole hour (Sean Hayes).  To give some stability to the night, leave Chicago Fire in its timeslot.

8 - Parks and Recreation
830 - Go On / Community
9 - Law and Order: SVU (new night)
10 - Revolution (new night)
Analysis: NBC is likely to bring back Parks and Recreation and either Go On or Community (my money is on Community, for syndication).  Since they already whether the storm that is The Big Bang Theory, throw them to the wolves once more.  Why waste other valuable shows when they'd like come into the slot DOA (dead on arrival)?  Law and Order: SVU has dealt with stiff competition all season, and I think it could bring its 1.5-1.7 demo on the night.  It wouldn't be much of an improvement from this season, but its something, right?  Rounding out the night, I'd go with Revolution.  I know NBC will probably protect it with some form of The Voice, but I think it could do a 1.7 in this timeslot, a big improvement from other shows that have aired here.

8 - Grimm (new time)
9 - Hannibal (new night)
10 - Dateline
Analysis: If NBC is willing to bring back Hannibal (which I don't see happening, but who knows?), they could pair it with Grimm for a genre-esque night.  Grimm would have to move into the lead-off spot, but its better than having Fashion Star as a lead in, at least in my mind.  The night can end with old reliable, Dateline.

7 - Football Night in America
8 (approx) - Sunday Night Football

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