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Which comedies (if any) will NBC renew for the 2013-2014 television season?

Tonight on TV will look at each of NBC's comedies from this season, give a brief explanation for each series, and then the chances of returning.

Any show that ended before March 2013 was not included in the post.

If NBC renews any comedy for next season, Parks and Recreation will be that comedy.  While the show has a small audience (under three million viewers and a 1.5 for its most recent airing) it is a loyal audience.  The comedy also continually builds from its low-rated lead in (Community).  Since NBCUniversal Television owns the series, the company will bring in any syndication money the show may receive.  Since NBC is unlikely to completely wipe their comedy slate clean, Parks and Recreation is a lock for renewal.
Chances of Returning: 100%

Community is an interesting case  The show is very low-rated (a series low 1.0 demo this past week) but like Parks and Recreation, its audience is typically very loyal.  Sony Pictures Television is involved with the production of the series and they usually reduce the costs of their series to get additional seasons. The show will begin syndication on Comedy Central later this season, so who knows if the series may grow.  I thought the show should have been cancelled a few seasons ago, and if it doesn't get above that 1.0 demo in the coming weeks, its time to pull the plug.
Chances of Returning: 35%

If you asked me last week, I may have given Go On a better chance of coming back next season.  Then the comedy moved to Thursday and did a tiny 1.1 demo with a series low 2.45 million viewers.  The season (series) finale airs this week and if the ratings go any lower, there is no chance of the show coming back.  I'm going to say its a safe bet that Matthew Perry needs to begin looking for new work...again.
Chances of Returning: 10%

Not many shows have the chance of trying to gain a new audience with a huge lead in.  The New Normal had its chance to shine and completely blew it.  Even with a huge 4.5 lead in (for the entire hour) the best The New Normal could do was a 1.7 demo (retention of a mere 38%).  Its 930 episode fell even further (1.4 demo) and sadly, those were the best ratings for the show in a a few months.  Nothing about The New Normal points toward a renewal.
Chances of Returning: 0%

Whitney is the little show that could.  After a very respectable debut in 2011 (~3.0 demo) the show fell and was shipped off to Wednesdays at 8/7c and against some stiff competition.  The show surprisingly held up and was granted a second season renewal.  Whitney was originally scheduled to air on Fridays and after the cancellation of Animal Practice, Whitney was assigned to Wednesday nights once more.  This time, however, Whitney didn't bring back any of its respectable audience and continually performed under a 1.3 demo.  The chances of Whitney coming back for a third season are pretty much slim to none.  The show had a somewhat solid run, but this is the end of the line.
Chances of Returning: 0%

Out of the entire group in this post, 1600 Penn has the slimmest chances of returning.  The show ended its first season run in March 2013 with a mere 1.91 million viewers and 0.7 demo.  NBC also aired two episodes more than once and sandwiched them between encores of low-rated comedies.  If all those situations don't spell cancellation, I'm unsure of what does.  You can easily bet there is absolutely no chance of 1600 Penn gracing the airwaves again.
Chances of Returning: 0%

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