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The Sweet Sixteen is complete!  Only eight shows remain.  Which four will move on and which show will win it all?  You decide .


Total votes: 11

Total upsets (defined as a higher seed defeating a lower seed, e.g. 15 defeating 2): 2
Parks and Recreation (#7) defeated Taxi (#6)
Will & Grace (#3) defeated A Different World (#2)

This is the second round in a row that both Parks and Recreation and Will & Grace pulled an upset.

Biggest blowout(s):
By a margin of 91% to 9%
Frasier (#1) defeated Caroline in the City (#4)

Closet game(s):
By a margin of 55% to 45%
Mad About You (#2) defeated Wings (#3)
Family Ties (#2) defeated Night Court (#3)

Newest show still remaining:
Parks and Recreation (#7) (premiered in 2009)

Oldest show still remaining:
Cheers (#1) (premiered in 1982)

Prediction for Final Four:
Friends (#1), Frasier (#1), Cheers (#1), and Seinfeld (#1)

It'll be the first time in Tonight on TV history if all the number one seeds move onto the Final Four.

Results from the Sweet Sixteen:
Friends (73%) vs. Suddenly Susan (27%)
Wings (45%) vs. Mad About You (55%)

Frasier (91%) vs. Caroline in the City (9%)
Night Court (45%) vs. Family Ties (55%)

Cheers (73%) vs. The Office (27%)
Taxi (36%) vs. Parks and Recreation (64%)

Seinfeld (73%) vs. My Name is Earl (27%)
Will & Grace (82%) vs. A Different World (18%)

If you wish to see the full bracket, go to the Sweet Sixteen round!
Elite Eight voting has ended.  The survey closed with 11 votes and the totals were published on the Final Four page.  The survey for the Elite Eight is being left open for anyone who wishes to look, but any votes cast after the closing time are not included in the overall totals.  If you see a number response with anything other than 11, it means someone voted after the survey closed.  Thanks for your understanding! - RJ

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