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After sticking with the previous layout for more than a few months, I decided the dark wasn't quite inviting.  Now, I introduce you all to the new Tonight on TV .

Below, I have given a list of items that are new to the site or will be coming within the next week.  If they are not yet installed, they will be in italics with the expected launch date listed to the right of the item.  It is my hope that the new template is easier on the eyes and brings additional readers to the site.  It is an exciting time at Tonight on TV!

- The new template is much brighter than the old black one and has the look and feel of a Windows product (think of the Windows Phone by Microsoft).  All images are in a light black color until you scroll over the image, allowing the site to be cohesive and keep its simple blue color most of the time.  Clicking on the play button (upper right hand corner of the image) allows you to read the article, as does clicking the article title.

Facebook (by April 5th) and Google+
- Tonight on TV is expanding to the other major social networking sites.  Tonight on TV is already on Twitter (as @yankeesrj12) and just created a Google+ account (as RJ TonightOnTV).  A Facebook account will be ready within the next two weeks.  All social networking accounts can be accessed on the right hand side of the site or on the banner at the top of the site.  The Facebook account is not yet created, so there is no link provided at this time.

Feedburner (TBA)
- There is a Feedburner by Google spot available on the blog.  I'm not sure just yet if I plan on using it, but I'm leaning toward simply removing the program (or at least the spot it owns on the template).

- Tonight on TV did not have a search engine for the past six months, but its back!  You can search for anything on the site by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right hand of any page.

- You can access all the major networks main websites through the toolbar at the top that says 'Broadcast Networks'.  I do not endorse any of the networks, their links are simply there for quick access!   Cable networks may be added in the coming days, but I will limit it to 8-10 should that happen.

Affiliates (TBA)
- If anyone wants to affiliate, I'm all in.  I am opening up a spot for any website to go on the top toolbar and it will be a direct link to your site.  If you simply want your link there (without an affiliation) I'll do that too!  I will do anything to help bring more readers to your website.

The blog is BEST using Google Chrome.
The social networking links are NOT available on Internet Explorer.
For mobile devices a special site IS now in service.
As for Firefox, I do not have any information on how the site works.

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