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The new Two and a Half Men has been on the air for over a month and a half now, and it's time for a review of the season.  Whether or not you enjoy it, please read!

Season nine is great - with the exception of Ashton Kutcher.  Jon Cryer continues to hit it out of the park, while we have seen even more of Holland Tyler and Conchata Ferrell.  Angus T. Jones continues to act like a nine year old boy, and brings out the laughs.  Now, lets dig a bit deeper.

Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) acts like a twelve year old boy who just got dumped by his first girlfriend.  He whines week after week and gets whatever he wants.  While Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) had numerous women each week, you always rooted for him to get as many women as possible.  With Walden, however, it's a completely different story.  Somehow he has been able to get women, yet it feels very uncomfortable to watch.  The overwhelming wealth that Walden has also seems to be a bit of an issue for me.  In these tough economic times, who wants to watch someone with loads of money whining how bad their life is at the moment?  Walden needs a makeover with his personality (and some would say his physical appearance as well) before he annoys more viewers from their seats.

Not everything has been bad this season though.  Jon Cryer continues to put out Emmy-worthy acting despite the loss of Charlie Sheen.  In tonights episode he acts like Charlie Harper, and it's a hoot of an episode.  If Jon Cryer keeps up the good work, then the season will be better than that of season eight (and perhaps, seven).

I also like the fact that Berta (Conchata Ferrell) moved into the house with Walden and Alan.  It allows more screen time for the terrific, yet underrated, actress.  Her comedic timing continues to be perfect in the series, and with more of her, it means less of Ashton Kutcher.

If you liked the old Two and a Half Men, then you should enjoy the new Two and a Half Men as well.  It's for sure not the same show as it was before, but it has a lot of the same "charm" as previous seasons.  The show will never regain what it had with Charlie Sheen, but there is more storyline to explore later this season, and most likely, next season.  Even if you have never seen Two and a Half Men, I'd suggest watching!


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