Posted by : yankeesrj12 Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If you caught last nights episode of How I Met Your Mother, you would have noticed that Stella was back. Ted was still mad at Stella for leaving him on their wedding day, and Ted accidently broke Stella and Tony up! Stella and Tony, as it said in the episode, moved to California and Tony was creating a movie called "The Wedding Bride." If you looked closely, it said May 2010 as the release date of the movie. Could this be foreshadowing something? Maybe the month and year we finally see who Ted is marrying?!?!?

You can see what I'm talking about here:

Start watching at 17:23


You can go here to see the poster:

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  1. I don't see this as anything, but maybe you are right, I just feel like they just made a fool out of us viewers because last weeks episode was all centered on how he met the woman that changed his life and they just seemed to negate the whole thing with this weeks episode.


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